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About Us
Magazine Subscriber Services was created to do one thing; help you with Address Changes, Billing Questions, Missed Issues, Subscription Status, and Duplicate issues all easier and available in one place. So far it's a huge success!

There are hundreds of magazines in our system and tens of thousands of magazine subscribers use our site exclusively for all magazine services because we make it so easy. Our service is free for everyone regardless of where you ordered your magazine. You can even find delivery in Canada, magazine back-issues and digital subscriptions!

Change of Address - Filling out a change of address with the post office works great for a while, but after a couple of months your magazine will go right back to your old address. And for a lot of people, its difficult to find most publisher's Change of Address section. With us it's as easy as finding your magazine and clicking the link. You go DIRECTLY to your publishers Change of Address page.

Billing Issues - Billing issues come up all the time, but if you are just one person trying to find several publishers how much time will that take? Because of our experience dealing with publishers, we help answer some of your questions a whole lot faster. And just like your Change of Address, just click the link and you're right where you want to be or use the customer service number provided.

Missed Issues
- Magazine lost in the mail? Maybe they forgot to send it? Similar to billing issues, you will get your problem resolved a whole lot faster, and with less stress, when you go through us for assistance.

Publisher sites can be cluttered, hard to navigate, and designed as editorial sources therefore difficult in solving problems like the ones listed. It's frustrating with one subscription and if you have multiple subscriptions it can be infuriating. We've cut through the red tape and we make it easy to get exactly where you have to be. We also have customer service reps on staff to help you along the way. So get the customer service you deserve for free, starting today.

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